Greg Olsen's Full-Time Shift to Broadcast Booth Likely Begins on Sunday

Greg Olsen
Greg Olsen / Harry How/Getty Images

Greg Olsen, like Drew Brees, has a post-playing career gig waiting for him when he decides to hang up the cleats. Unlike Brees, Olsen's deal is with FOX and his role is clear. Over the summer, news leaked that Olsen inked a deal with FOX to be the color guy in their No. 2 booth whenever he wanted to move on from his playing career.

Olsen has dabbled in the booth here and there over the last few years. On Sunday, he will help with pregame coverage of the first championship game of the day when Tampa Bay will take on Green Bay. (The Battle of the Bays, if you will. A free idea.)

This feels like Olsen's first step towards full-time coverage and retirement from the actual game. It's less about what he's actually doing and more about where he's at in his career. He just finished up his 14th season in the league and his first with the Seattle Seahawks. He played 11 games and posted career-lows for a healthy season, catching only 24 passes for 239 yards and one touchdown. He's 35-years-old and could still sign on with Seattle or someone else for another year in an effort to earn a ring, the final milestone for a man of his accolades.

But he probably won't. Football is a physical game and Olsen is an old man by NFL standards. He's good in the booth and has a guaranteed job. Sunday should be his first dip into those particular waters. He'll hop on and provide some former player insight, it'll go well, and he can begin the transition into the next part of his career.