Boston Celtics Just Go to Town on Grant Williams' Butt During Postgame Interview


The Miami Heat let the Boston Celtics win one. Then they let them win another last night. If it happens again, they'll have to win a Game 7 on the road against all the momentum. It's turning into quite a spicy Eastern Conference Finals for basketball fans craving competitive drama and thankful they don't have to spend a week without any action.

Joe Mazzulla's crew of roughnecks shared the load equally in Game 5, with Derrick White leading a quartet of 20-point scorers. Even Grant Williams, who's main contribution to this point had been poking Jimmy Butler and then getting worked, found a way to help the team.

Sure he was -9 in his 27 minutes but he provided a nice target with his backside for his teammates to slap on their way to a victorious locker room.

Classic comedy bit there sold very well by an expressive face. Imagine the challenge of trying to provide some sweaty clichΓ©s only to have Jaylen Brown walk by and windup like Ms. Trunchbull in Matilda and let you have it. Then, while the sting is still crescendoing, Al Horford comes by and gets a whack in as well. Admittedly, this is a very specific thing to ask you to imagine.

Anyway, that's a loose and confident team halfway to making some serious 0-3 history. If it's not time for South Beach to panic they should definitely set aside a few hours over the weekend to do so, just in case.