Jay Harris' Mom Held Onto a Legendary 2006 GQ Magazine Featuring Your Favorite ESPN Personalities

Jay Harris, Steve Levy and Mike Greenberg during senior year.
Jay Harris, Steve Levy and Mike Greenberg during senior year. /

If you were looking for something to read 15 years ago, you might have stopped in your local bookstore or newsstand and picked up a copy of the June 2006 issue of GQ magazine with Christina Aguilera on the cover. If you opened up that magazine, you would have found some of ESPN's biggest stars.

While you can still find the Aguilera pictures on the GQ website, for some unknown reason no photogallery of ESPN personalities in breathable denim appears to exist in 2021. Luckily, Jay Harris' mom kept her copy and Harris shared this incredible image on Twitter.

I often say there is so much going on here, but there is really so much going on here. Starting with the fact that when you just glance it looks kind of like Kenny Mayne is on a skateboard. Back in 2006 it must have been absolutely jarring to see some of these guys in jeans. There's a real seeing a teacher at the mall vibe to the whole thing. Berman wearing a track jacket is unfortunately obscured by some wear and tear to the physical copy of the magazine. Here's how the '06 fits are described by GQ:

Whether ribbing on another on camera, or shooting hoops out back, these guys perform at their best in stylish, breathable apparel from NYNE with CoolMax fabric. John Anderson and Chris Berman hold court in front pocket polo knits in black and skyway. Trey wears a striped polo in white with LYCRA fabric, and Kenny Mayne stands tall in a white front pocket polo knit. All clothing available at Macy’s. Yahtzee!

Jay Harris gets in the game in a white knit collar polo with two button placket. Steve wears a tidal foam poplin solid, and Mike wears the short sleeve version in white and pink. All denim featured by Serfontaine with new T-400 LYCRA fiber, designed for premiere comfort and style. 

It is unclear why Trey Wingo, Steve Levy and Mike Greenberg did not get their full names in print. Perhaps there is a foldout on the previous page focused on those three. Though we all know if this photoshoot were to take place today Greenberg would replace Aguilera on the cover. No matter how young and hip Greenberg looks in a jean jacket and khakis as he rolls into the local park to snatch ankles and shimmy like Trae Young while dressed like Chad Michael Murray on the set of One Tree Hill.

At the time Greenberg had just released his first book, Why My Wife Thinks I'm An Idiot: The Life and Times of a Sportscaster Dad. This photoshoot was so long ago that Anderson hadn't even hosted Wipeout. Wingo, like most of the guys in this shoot, was involved in SportsCenter. Mayne, who just recently left ESPN was doing The Mayne Event on NFL Countdown. Harris had already joined and left Cold Pizza. Most importantly, Levy had been in The Ringer and Fever Pitch the previous year.

Just an absolutely incredible moment in time. Thank you GQ for capturing it. And most importantly, thank you to Jay Harris' mom for holding onto this incredible artifact.