Wild Brawl Breaks Out on Golf Course


Golfers take their hobby seriously. Never was that more apparent than in the video we're about to show you. It features two foursomes brawling with each other because apparently one of the men involved was taking too long on the seventh hole.

Check this out:

That is as violent a brawl as I've ever seen featuring that many guys in collared shirts. There are some huge swings and a few guys got absolutely dropped Happy Gilmore-style.

One dude landed a vicious punch, ducked one, then put the first guy he hit on his ass with a left to the ear. Then he stood over him like Muhammad Ali over Sonny Liston.

Iconic. As if that wasn't enough, he punched that same guy repeatedly as he tried to get up.

Playing too slowly is an offense golfers take seriously. Patrick Cantlay can consider this a warning.