New Football Culture Alert as Joe Judge Makes Coaches Run Laps and Removes Names From Jerseys

Joe Judge
Joe Judge / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Joe Judge and the New York Giants are actually practicing football this week. This is the first time that Judge has been in a position to implement all his quirky little Football Coach things on a full team and so far it is going very well. First, he is making coaches and players run laps when somebody messes up.

Just so you know, this means footage could emerge from Giants training camp of Bret Bielema, Freddie Kitchens, and Jason Garrett running laps. This is the kind of thing that will ensure players don't drop passes.

Meanwhile, Judge has had names removed from practice jerseys so players know who is lining up across from them without the benefit of a nametag.

As mentioned in a Forbes article, Judge also "refused to mention players by name when asked about them" earlier this year. You have to wonder if he just hates learning names, but who would question him when he's got such a great answer about learning how people carry themselves? Judge just continues to rack up W's in front of the media. Who knows if it will translate to actual games, but prepare for lots of tweets and articles about how different his culture is from the last guy.