Gianis Antetokounmpo Wants to Win, Even if He Has to Play With Another Superstar or Two

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Giannis Antetokounmpo / Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Giannis Antetokounmpo sat down for an interview with EuroHoops that should leave fans reading the tea leaves again. Giannis said he wanted to play until he was in his forties if that's what it takes to win championships and medals. He also said that LeBron James sets the example he wants to follow both on and off the court. Now for the fun part. Via EuroHoops:

"I am 25 and I want to win because when I retire, that’s what people will remember. And if I got LeBron, KD, Davis, if all those came, I wouldn’t mind at all. I don’t care if I am the top (player) on the team”."

Giannis sounds pretty realistic. He wouldn't mind being the fourth- or fifth-best player on his team if he won a title. As usual, it sounds like there's a lot of pressure on the Bucks. One year of Jrue Holiday probably isn't going to do what he wants so how can you not wonder if he'll go somewhere else to team up with other superstars? With James signing an extension today, he will not be joining Giannis in Milwaukee. So what the heck are they going to do?

If you're in Milwaukee, maybe it's best not to think about it. On a more positive, familial note, Giannis also commented on his brother's championship with the Lakers. Considering the time of year, it's an incredible message.

"“Those who say: “Kostas won a title before Giannis”. Guys, that thing does not exist. We were all sleeping together in a small room. And Thanasis is a two-time Greek champion, Kostas is an NBA champion and I am a two-time MVP. We are one family. Imagine what my mother is feeling”."

Man, this really could suck for Bucks fans. Giannis is awesome and seems like a pretty awesome person, but unless a superstar can be convinced to straight up sign in Milwaukee... I'm sorry. Let's just focus on family for now. It's what Giannis would want. And that's all that really matters.