The Bucks Gave Up So Much For Jrue Holiday, But It Doesn't Matter if Giannis Stays in Milwaukee

Jrue Holiday
Jrue Holiday / Pool/Getty Images

Jrue Holiday has been traded to the Milwaukee Bucks according to Shams Charania. Many teams expressed interest in Holiday, but the Bucks ended up getting him for Eric Bledsoe, George Hill and three first round picks, plus the potential for two future pick swaps. This was the Bucks pushing all their chips into the center of the table. This was their big move to make Giannis Antetokounmpo happy and convince him to make Milwaukee his forever home.

Either Giannis has already made up his mind, or the next decade of the Bucks franchise rests on the shoulders of Jrue Holiday. If it works out and the Bucks can make a push for a title or whatever Giannis needs to see this season to stay in Milwaukee, this move did it. Even if Holiday exercises his player option next summer and leaves via free agency, if Giannis remains, the Bucks win this trade.

But if Giannis walks, this is a disaster. Those three first round picks for the Bucks with Giannis on their roster are in the late 20's and replaceable. If Giannis leaves, these are lottery picks. Plus, they wouldn't have Giannis.

From a pure basketball standpoint you're going to have to rely on the eye test because Eric Gordon and Jrue Holiday had nearly identical statistics per 36 minutes. Maybe he and Giannis (and Kris Middleton) will fit together beautifully.

The Bucks are now the obvious choice to earn the top seed in the Eastern Conference for the third consecutive year. At least until we see what the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics end up doing over the next few days. Not that the regular season matters. This move was all about the postseason and keeping Giannis in Milwaukee.

UPDATE: The Bucks are also adding Bogdan Bogdanovic (Woj spelled it wrong).