Gerrit Cole Is Complaining Again

Gerrit Cole, Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
Gerrit Cole, Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Gerrit Cole is complaining again.

Cole started for the New York Yankees during Friday's Opening Day at Yankee Stadium. He only went four innings while surrendering three runs to the Boston Red Sox. The 31-year-old didn't have his best stuff and it showed, particularly in the first inning when he gave up three runs. After the game, Cole didn't take the blame for his average outing, instead he took aim at the Opening Day festivities and blamed them for his being out of rhythm.

Here's what Cole had to say after the game:

Four minutes. The guy is complaining about four freaking minutes. Gerrit, you're a professional, not a Little League kid who didn't get his Fun Dip in time for the sugar rush to hit during the first inning. You're making $36 million this season with one of the biggest contracts in MLB history, sack up and deal with the minor inconvenience of a four-minute delay.

Cole threw 68 pitches in four innings, allowing three runs and four hits. That included a two-run home run by Rafael Devers. Cole also walked one and struck out three. But don't blame him for his 6.75 ERA on the day, blame the people setting up the Opening Day pageantry.

Cole is the same guy who whined about not being able to use "sticky stuff" when pitching during the second-half of last season. He also refused to answer whether or not he had ever used Spider Tack before -- because obviously he had. I mean, guys, he was really upset about not being able to cheat anymore.

So yeah, not a whole lot of sympathy for Cole having to sweat out a whole 240 extra seconds before his start.

The Yankees wound up winning 6-5 in 11 innings.