What is Gerrit Cole Even Whining About?

Stephen Douglas
Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole / Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

Gerrit Cole is taking MLB's new ban on foreign substances very hard. After Wednesday night's Yankees game Cole sounded distraught talking about how players need to have something to help them grip a baseball safely. "It's so hard to grip the ball," said Cole. He also added "for Pete's sake" and said that he didn't have a solution, but begged for the commissioner's office to just talk to players.

Now contrast that with this other clip from the same press conference where The Athletic's Lindsey Adler marvels at the fact that the last pitch Cole threw in the game was a 95 MPH changeup. (ESPN had it at 94MPH.)

Doesn't sound like a guy struggling to hold the baseball. In fact, Cole went 8 innings, giving up 4 hits and 2 runs and walked just one batter in a Yankees win over the Blue Jays. He threw 70 of 104 pitches for strikes. And that 94MPH changeup? He set it up with a 101MPH four seam fastball on his 103rd pitch of the game.

What exactly is there to be upset about here? A little over a week ago he wasn't even willing to say if he'd used the stuff before. Figure it out.