George Pickens Tried (and Failed) to Throw a Crazy Block for Kenny Pickett

Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders
Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Las Vegas Raiders, 23-18, on Sunday night. The Raiders made an attempt at a fourth-quarter comeback, but didn't have time to kick enough field goals to make it work. Well before that happened though, George Pickens tried something weird.

During the second quarter Kenny Pickett took off running and picked up 27 yards before going out of bounds at the four-yard line. Unfortunately, the play was called back because George Pickens did not come set before the play started. Because of the illegal shift, nothing else that happened on the play mattered, which is actually great news for Pickens because what the hell is he doing here?

Near the end of the play Pickens launched his body backwards, seemingly trying to block Nate Hobbs who was chasing Pickett to the sideline. Instead, he missed Hobbs and went flying into linebacker Robert Spillane who blew Pickens up without even really trying.

This move seems incredibly ill-advised. And maybe even illegal if it had worked because this may technically be the same move that NBA players try when they in front of a defender and stop to draw a foul. You just can't do that in polite society, but hats off to Pickens for trying something new.