Furious George Pickens Threw His Helmet After Controversial Bills Pass Interference No-Call


George Pickens had a fairly quiet game against the Buffalo Bills in the Pittsburgh Steelers' AFC Wild Card game. Pickens was held to five catches for 50 yards. He was also targeted on a late fourth and three play, but Dane Jackson appeared to get away with pass interference and Pickens was unable to make a catch. The no-call effectively ended the game for the Steelers who already trailed by 14 at the time. Pickens was furious with the no-call and threw his helmet when he got back to the sideline.

Here's the play in question. Jackson had his arm wrapped around Pickens' waist on the play, yet there was no flag. The Steelers will be mad, but probably weren't really surprised by that point in the game. Buffalo had only been called for one penalty all night while the Steelers were called for five.

The game didn't come down to this one play, but it will certainly give Steelers fans something to complain about all summer