They Have to Shovel So Much Snow Before the Bills-Steelers Game


When you live in a place like Buffalo you learn to just tip your cap at the weather a few times every winter because there is literally no way to play offense or defense against lake-effect snow. Once it starts it tends to get out of control and it becomes downright stupid for anyone who absolutely does not be out on the roadways to venture out and put themselves in danger.

So the state of New York and the NFL made a very wise choice to postpone the Bills' playoff game with the Pittsburgh Steelers, originally slotted for Sunday, until later this afternoon. And if you look at some footage from Highmark Stadium this morning, you might come away with the impression that it's impressive anyone's going to play at all considering all the work that comes with preparing an outdoor stadium for 71,000 robust visitors.

As recently as a few hours ago the Bills were looking for even more assistance shoveling out the stadium. So if you're in the area and looking to get a nice winter-based workout in, there may still be time to participate in a win-win-win situation.

The good news is that the outside world is way more hospitable to travel and human life so today's game should be somewhat normal. Or at the very least, a more pleasant experience for all involved if they remember to layer up.

It still looks really cold, but it actually looks survivable today.