Gardner Minshew Now a Mulleted Southern Sex Symbol


Gardner Minshew had a decent statistical season in 2020, but that didn't translate to wins the way it did in his rookie season. So now he's facing life with Urban Meyer and probably Trevor Lawrence. Needless to say, he is not the long-term plan at quarterback in Jacksonville. So what does a guy do in this situation? Well, he embraces his roots, grows out his mullet and gets jacked, of course.

On January 21st, Minshew posted a short video to his Instagram, introducing the world to his "Mississippi mudflap."

Let's be clear. In this video Gardner Minshew looks like Rob McElhenney playing a love interest for Luanne Platter in a live-action King of the Hill movie. Would watch, BTW.

Not long after that, on February 1st, Minshew posted some pictures of himself working out. It started to look like Minshew had been in the lab in addition to the hair stylist's chair this offseason. Still, the mullet was prominently displayed.

Finally, Minshew shared another update over the weekend. The shirt disappeared. The shorts got shorter. The beard had turned back into a mustache. The mullet had somehow gotten mullet-er.

No NFL insider has come forward with a report that Meyer was suddenly second-guessing Trevor Lawrence as the top pick in the draft, but it suddenly seems like a possibility. In the meantime, Minshew remains an interesting enough prospect that local media members around the country are wondering if their coach should trade for the Jaguars quarterback. He still has experience as a starter and two yeas left on a very affordable rookie deal. That plus the mullet makes for one enticing football player.