Funniest Tweets About Illinois' Upset Loss Against Loyola Chicago

Loyola Chicago celebrating.
Loyola Chicago celebrating. / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Loyola Chicago did it again, stunning the college basketball community and ruining brackets everywhere with their upset win over top-seeded Illinois in the second round of March Madness.

Three years after a similarly-shocking run to the Final Four, Loyola Chicago finds itself in the Sweet 16 thanks to a sterling performance by the mustached marauder Cameron Krutwig and the pregame blessing and scouting report of Sister Jean.

It was a shocking result over the Big Ten champions and the jokes were flowing on Twitter following the game. Here are some of our favorites celebrating the madness that is March.

Yes Mr. Bilas, you are not alone.

That's an accurate description of most brackets following all the upsets so far.

Several of which do involve the ballyhooed Big Ten.

Using the Illinois colors here was a clever move.

It might take some time to get over this one.

Unfortunately Illinois, it's time to leave the island.

The legend of Cameron Krutwig grows with every note he plays on that mustache...I mean harmonica.

Honestly should have seen that coming considering Sister Jean's history at this tournament.

They're not done yet!

Keep dancing!