Four Potential Troy Aikman Replacements at FOX

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LVI - Thursday
SiriusXM At Super Bowl LVI - Thursday / Cindy Ord/GettyImages

ESPN has reportedly lured Troy Aikman away from FOX to be the main analyst on Monday Night Football. Aikman's move will transform not one, but two football viewing windows as he now opens up a spot next to Joe Buck in FOX's top booth. There are a number of names who could replace Aikman from inside FOX, newly retired NFL guys and other networks' stars.

Sean McVay

Sean McVay is coming off a Super Bowl win with the Rams. Having just turned 36, it seems crazy to think he would walk away, but there have been rumors that he was considering walking away to spend time with a family he has barely started. If he were going to go into broadcasting this year he probably would have said something by now, but with FOX and Amazon looking for high-profile analysts that could make a splash someone will probably try to make him an offer.

Sean Payton

Like McVay if he spent another couple decades coaching. Payton just walked away from the New Orleans Saints after 15 seasons and one Super Bowl. He could end up coaching elsewhere (What's Dallas waiting for?) or walk into just about any network and get a job. Like McVay, he has zero experience, but he has been around the game his entire life. If Adam Sandler and Kevin James want to make a sequel to Home Team, a foray into broadcasting would make for some excellent script fodder.

Greg Olsen

Olsen is a hot young broadcasting prospect. He turns 37 next month and has shown himself to be a versatile member of the FOX crew, both in pregame situations and calling games alongside Kevin Burkhardt in FOX's number two booth. The easiest thing to do is just have everyone slide over one seat and keep the line of succession in tact. The only question is, how much of a raise will Olsen expect if he steps into the network's most prominent color commentary seat?

Drew Brees

Brees has been underwhelming in his short time on NBC, but he does now have a year of experience working primetime NFL broadcasts. Most importantly, he's a great quarterback not long removed from his playing days and people love quarterbacks. If FOX thinks they need a big name quarterback to replace a big name quarterback, they could try and trade for Brees. We might finally have another Oswaldo-type situation on our hands.