Fox News' Brian Kilmeade Worried Fans With Bongs Will Affect the US Open

2023 US Open - Day 3
2023 US Open - Day 3 / Al Bello/GettyImages

The US Open is currently taking place in New York City and for the second year in a row players have mentioned smelling marijuana. Maria Sakkari complained to the umpire about the smell and men's player Alexander Zverev went so far as to say, "Court 17 definitely smells like Snoop Dogg’s living room." Brian Kilmeade stopped by America Reports on Thursday afternoon to talk about the affect the pot smell is having on the tournament with host Sandra Smith. Both Fox personalities are very concerned about the state of the city, country, and tournament.

"It’s unbelievable," Kilmeade said, "And it’s going to get worse because there’s maneuvers now and especially by this president, Chuck Schumer, to legalize it for the entire country. And by the way they stopped planes from going over the US Open during the Dinkins administration. They should be able to stop this from happening."

"The players are complaining," Kilmeade continued. "It’s not so much it’s annoying. Cigarette smoke is annoying, but this actually affects your mind. In the biggest tournament of your life, in matches that matter, to outline your future, do you want to have someone else’s decision to smoke pot affect that?"

Smith then claimed that they showed someone on the broadcast Wednesday night smoking inside the stadium, but it doesn't appear anyone was able to capture an image or video of that. Plus, the USTA reviewed video and found nothing from a match at Court 17, which is right next to Corona Park, where many, including Sakkari, believe the smell is coming from.

Before leaving, Kilmead left viewers with one last thought-munchie to chew on: “We thought hecklers were the biggest obstacle. Turns out it’s people with bongs.” 

If you are watching the US Open and see a fan in the stands with a bong, please let us know because if there's someone enjoying marijuana at this tournament as openly as George Costanza devoured his ice cream, that's worth a blog post.