'Fox & Friends' Marvels at Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Sheer Masculinity, Asks How Many Pushups He Can Do


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is still extremely unlikely to be the next President of these United States because public interest in his campaign and ideas lags far behind the media's affinity for the unconventional run. He was in New York City this morning for an in-depth interview on the Fox & Friends couch where he found things quite friendly.

"You've gone viral, not only with your message but just your sheer masculinity," an excited Steve Doocy said "Those workout videos that are floating around — I mean, what did that video teach you about the state of American politics in 2023?"

Kennedy Jr. took the opportunity to explain that when a camera phone caught him efforting through a shirtless incline bench pump, it was his last set.

Ainsley Earhardt then asked the question on everyone's mind: how many pushups can RFK Jr. do? The politician said he could do 50, which is about the same number Brian Kilmeade believes he can do. Sadly this was not followed by some dudes stripping down to their skivvies to blast their pectorals and triceps. Maybe next time.