Foo Fighters Crushed Their 'Saturday Night Live' Performance of 'Times Like These'

Foo Fighters on "Saturday Night Live"
Foo Fighters on "Saturday Night Live" /

Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live this week in a powerhouse episode that included Foo Fighters as the musical guest. Chappelle delivered a phenomenal, thought-provoking monologue, while the boys who've been tirelessly fighting foo for 26 years rose to the occasion as well.

Foo Fighters performed "Shame, Shame" as their opening song, but raised the stakes with their second number. On the day Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were declared winners of the 2020 presidential election, Dave Grohl & Co. closed the show with a balls out rendition of "Times like These."

The performance began with Grohl singing alone for several verses before the rest of the band jumped in. It was simultaneously beautiful and rocked like hell, which was perfectly fitting in the moment.

Check it out:

On a side note: can Foo Fighters please just do the Super Bowl halftime show already? How have they never done it before? It's long past time for the NFL to make that call. Hell, let them do it every year.