Flex Out All Week 8 NFL Primetime Games Even Though It's Against the Rules

Carson Wentz playing the Cowboys.
Carson Wentz playing the Cowboys. / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

If you're still basking in the glow of the Cardinals thrilling overtime victory against the Seahawks in Sunday Night Football last night or waiting in excited anticipation for the playoff-implicated game between the Rams and Bears tonight, hold onto that feeling as long as you can. When Week 8 rolls around, you'll pray for all the primetime games to be flexed out. Unfortunately, not even prayer can fix this problem.

Kicking things off this coming Thursday is an NFC South "showdown" between the 1-6, we-keep-blowing-leads, Atlanta Falcons against the 3-4, we're-fluttering-around-contention-but-won't-make-the-playoffs, Carolina Panthers.

The next primetime game on Sunday at least has playoff implications, but it might also be unwatchable. The 2-5 Cowboys travel to take on the 2-4-1 Eagles with the winner claiming at least a share of the division lead in the NFC East. The game features the worst defense in the NFL (Cowboys), the team with the most turnovers in the NFL (Cowboys again), the quarterback with the most interceptions in the NFL (Carson Wentz), and, likely, another quarterback who played in the FCS last year (Ben DiNucci).

Wrapping things up on Monday Night Football is Tom Brady and the Bucs (YES!) against Daniel Jones and the Giants (SHIT!). I will not waste anymore time previewing that bloodbath.

Now, the rules say Thursday and Monday night games can't be flexed out. They also say games must be flexed 12 days before the games are scheduled, so Sunday night is set too. That sucks because those three games are among the worst on the docket. But rules are rules and I guess we're stuck with three stinkers. Unless the NFL wants to break its rules and have a little fun?

The clear best game on the Week 8 schedule is Ravens-Steelers, currently scheduled for 1 p.m. That has all sorts of playoff implications plus the division rivalry element. Saints-Bears or Seahawks-49ers (both currently scheduled for 4:25 p.m. kickoff) are the second-best games and I'd love to watch Seattle's offense in primetime again. Hell, I'd take Raiders-Browns (currently set for 1 p.m.) over any of the games currently scheduled for primetime. At least those offenses are entertaining.

The rules say nothing can be flexed this week. I say to hell with the rules. For the good of football viewers everywhere, don't subject us to three games featuring four of the worst teams in football, one elite team and a middle-of-the-pack team that isn't doing anything this season. We've been through enough already this year.