Five NFL Underreactions Through Six Weeks

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

We are about a third of the way through the 2022 NFL season, which is a great time to refresh your takes as things start to come into focus. Some people take this as an opportunity to point out overreactions since there's still such a long way to go in the season. We're going to look at five things that may actually be getting underreactions.

Tom Brady is 45

Do you know how insane it is that Brady is out there playing quarterback at this age? No, he's not having a great season, but he's fifth in passing yards and is 12th in touchdown passes with eight. And he's only thrown one interception. Yes, George Blanda played until he was 48, but he basically stopped playing quarterback when he was 39. It's only natural that many people are just sick of him at this point, but what Brady is doing this at this age is incredible and it's a shame that it's all overshadowed by *gestures wildly* everything else.

Thursday Night Football Sucks

Actually, most primetime football is bad. Is there a remedy? Probably not. We're far enough into the season that guys taking off the preseason is no longer an excuse. And Thursday nights are the worst. Obviously, you've got the games streaming which is just a pain no matter what kind of setup you have. Yeah, it's the future, but when the Bears and Commanders are playing that's the reason God invented the PREVIOUS CHANNEL button.

The NFL needs to get rid of these early-season Thursday night games. I know they're not, but they should. Remember when Thursday football was a fun treat that we got towards the end of the season? Now it's a chance for Amazon to sell you Dude Perfect and Taylor Swift albums.

The Buffalo Bills are Awesome

You know how the Bills were like 13 seconds from the AFC Championship Game and probably the Super Bowl last year and now they're 5-1 and atop the AFC again and Josh Allen leads the NFL in passing and they've scored the second-most points in the NFL (the Chiefs, who the Bills beat last weekend, have scored three more than Buffalo through six weeks) and they have the second best overall defense and have given up the fewest points in the entire NFL through six weeks?

Tyreek Hill is Incredible

The Miami Dolphins have started three quarterbacks through six weeks in Tua Tagovailoa, Teddy Bridgewater and Skylar Thompson. It has barely mattered who has been under center as Tyreek Hill leads the NFL in receiving yards with 701. He's second in targets and receptions behind Cooper Kupp and is eighth in yards after catch. He's on pace to become the third player in NFL history to reach the 1,900 receiving yards mark. Anyone who thought Hill was making a big mistake by leaving Patrick Mahomes has been proven wrong so far.

The Cleveland Browns Gave Deshaun Watson $230 Million Guaranteed

With dozens of sexual assault accussations levied against him, the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson in the offseason while giving him a new contract worth a record $230 million guarunteed. They then pretended to be contrite until his 11-game suspension was announced. He then went back to claiming his innocence while apologizing to anyone who was triggered. Owner Jimmy Haslem then awkwardly defended Watson, who had just settled two dozen lawsuits.

While the Browns started 2-4, fans have been able to find humor in the Watson situation. Watson is on track to return on December 4, even though another woman has come forward to accuse the quarterback of "inappropriate sexual misconduct or sexual assault during massages." Footage also recently surfaced of a traffic stop where Watson was pulled over for driving 97mph.