'First Take' Issues Correction on Kendrick Perkins MVP Voters Claim

Molly Qerim
Molly Qerim /

On Tuesday, Kendrick Perkins got into a heated exchange with JJ Redick on First Take over Nikola Jokic potentially becoming the second-ever NBA player to win three consecutive MVP awards. The dispute was sparked by Perkins attempting to draw a connection between the fact that Jokic is white, the one NBA player who has won three straight MVP awards is white (Larry Bird), and that many NBA MVP voters are also white. Perkins threw a specific number out there and claimed that 80 percent of the voters are, in fact, white.

It turns out this is not true and First Take felt a duty to issue a public correction during today's show. However, Perkins was not involved. Instead, Molly Qerim announced that the NBA MVP voting pool was much more diverse than what Perkins said. She did not give a specific number.

This is not the first time a news network has had to issue a correction based off what an employee said while on air, but it obviously is not what ESPN wants to be doing. It is hard to imagine Perkins improved matters given he was not just yelling that he was only "stating facts" during the controversial segment but then went on social media to tweet about how a man who speaks truth has no friends.

It turns out that Perkins was not stating facts. He was wrong. Whether he publicly addresses that will be a matter worth watching.