Charles Barkley on Kendrick Perkins MVP Controversy: 'Asinine, Silly, and Stupid'

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley / Michael Chang/GettyImages

Kendrick Perkins is at the center of the latest NBA media controversy, in case you have not heard. He got into a shouting match with JJ Redick on First Take yesterday because Redick pushed back on Perkins' insinuation that there is a connection between Nikola Jokic potentially winning his third straight MVP trophy and that many of the voters for MVP are white, like Jokic. Specifically Perkins took issue with Redick claiming that he called the voters racist and very loudly voiced his objections onscreen and online afterwards.

Shortly thereafter, Charles Barkley called into Denver's Altitude Sports Radio. The hosts played him a clip of Perkins' comments and asked for his thoughts. After jokingly berating the hosts for making him listen to it when he's just trying to work on his golf game, Barkley kept it simple: he feels Perkins' angle is "asinine, silly, and stupid. Pick one of those words."

"Hey, man, I'm trying to work on my golf game and y'all are bringing me on the radio to talk about stupid stuff? That's asinine and silly. Asinine, silly, and stupid. Pick one of the words, whatever one you want... It's a regular-season award. It isn't who the best player is. It's about who had the best regular season. But every year ESPN gets these fools on the radio and TV, talk about who's the best player."

The whole MVP conversation has turned asinine, silly, and stupid if we're being honest about it. People are losing their minds over something totally meaningless to the degree that Skip Bayless talking about LeBron James looks tame in comparison. You know how hard that is to do? Yet Perkins and everybody else has dragged us here.

Barkley had it right working on his golf game instead of engaging in the discourse.