Was Amazon's 'Thursday Night Football' Postgame Crew Under Attack Last Night?


Brock Purdy continued to weave his little fairytale that could bring him to Tom Brady or Kurt Warner-adjacent places as the San Francisco 49ers bodied the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football. All the assembled 12th Men were powerless to do anything about it in regulation and as a result their beloved team is in danger of fumbling a playoff spot away to the Detroit Lions. Forced into such a confusing and frustrating place mentally, it appears at least one of them decided to throw a bottle at Amazon's Thursday Night Football postgame crew instead of going to therapy.

I would like you to know that the very first thing I did today after waking up was spend far too much time on the most hellacious site on all of social media and could only find this five-second clip showing the incident. It would be great if there were more meat on the bone here or secondary angles to explore like some of those smoking enthusiasts in JFK but that platform seems to be doing its very best to pull an Elvis and die while on the toilet.

Still, you get to see something smack that fancy display panel real good and make a satisfying hollow thump.

My reading of the clip has both Charissa Thompson and Tony Gonzalez noticing the projectile while the right side of the crew missed it. Gonzalez appears to look in the direction of the toss, leaving one to wonder just how terrifying it would be if he locked eyes with you and knew what you did like Phil Collins.

In summation, don't throw stuff. It's hell on the equipment and the last, desperate recourse of a defeated loser.