Brock Purdy-Tom Brady Comparisons Have Already Begun

Brock Purdy
Brock Purdy / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

At some point in the past, the San Francisco 49ers did not carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain and are paying for it now in the form of injury after injury to their key players. Jimmy Garoppolo is the latest victim, breaking his foot during yesterday's marquee matchup with the Miami Dolphins. The veteran, playoff-tested QB is done for the year. Consequentially, the Niners are forced to turn to rookie Brock Purdy to sustain their championship hopes.

Purdy was pretty good yesterday stepping in for Jimmy G. However, the rational mind knows no conclusions can be drawn. A much larger sample size needs to play out before anyone starts to truly believe that all is not lost. One adequate performance does not mean the Niners should start planning their trip to Glendale for Super Bowl LVII.

Rational minds do not make for good content, though, do they? And thus we find ourselves on Monday mentioning Brock Purdy's name in the same sentence as Tom Brady. Because both were selected in the late rounds and entrusted with the keys to a great team after the veteran ahead of them got hurt. Or something.

Ryan Clark went so far as to say that if Purdy does the impossible and wins a Super Bowl for San Francisco, it would be "bigger" than Brady pulling it off back in 2001.

Tremendous social clip for the ESPN team. Clark knows how to cook the good sound clips up as well as anybody.

But it's unclear what he's even trying to say? It would be supremely impressive if the literal last pick of the 2022 draft game-managed his way to a championship as a rookie. Would it really be that much more impressive than a sixth-round QB game-managing his way to a championship as a rookie? Is the gap between pick 199 and pick 262 so great that Purdy winning would be bigger than Brady doing so?

Questions that nobody needed to ask, but have been asked anyway.