'Family Feud' Goes Super Dark, Viral


Few people are better at anything than Steve Harvey is at hosting Family Feud. He's ascended to a place where literally any reaction he gives to an answer is funny and he's able to shuffle through the hits β€” gobsmacked when someone says something beyond belief, rendered useless by laughter when someone says something funny, and delightfully dirty when there's some low-hanging innuendo to grab. Try as hard as you like, he will simply not be fazed. He'll take whatever the show hands him and expertly spin it forward.

Even when things get super-dark, as they did with a recent episode. The show apparently went out and asked a 100 people to name something a woman might drive a man to do.

No one said "go shopping with her," which was the first contestant's guess. The second contestant then stepped up to the plate and got dark. Like, super dark. And Harvey loved it.

Folks, nothing can bring you back to a time before you heard that little ding and began to realize that her answer was going to bring in big points as the third-most popular response. But you can always draw back on the moment of surprise and ... joy ... is it even appropriate to enjoy this clip ... ah, well, who cares?

Family Feud is absolutely wild for airing this one. All over this great country, stressed-out parents were trying to wrangle their children while on vacation, desperate to find anything on the standard-definition television that could serve as a distraction and aid in the bedtime process. And they got this. Just ain't right. It's funny and it might be true, but it's still not right.