Steve Harvey Predicted Philip Rivers Would Reconsider Retirement

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey / Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Philip Rivers retired from the NFL last year after 16 very successful seasons. He never managed to reach a Super Bowl, but will be remembered as one of the most consistent and statistically prolific quarterbacks of his generation, as well as one of the more interesting characters to step foot on the field.

Rivers is happily coaching high school football nowadays but made news last night when he told Sam Farmer of the LA Times that he hasn't "closed the door" on a possible return if a team was in need of a starting QB later in the season.

Rivers wasn't bad at all last year, throwing for 4,169 yards and 24 TDs with 11 picks while leading the Colts to an 11-5 record and a playoff appearance. They came awfully close to beating the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card round, too. But his arm strength was clearly in serious decline. Throwing the football hard has never been Rivers' game, but at times he struggled to reach the bare minimum velocity required to get the ball past the defenders.

All that is to say that a Rivers return would be fun but probably wouldn't work out great for anybody involved and nobody thought this was realistic when he hung up the cleats at the end of last season. Except one unexpected individual.

It turns out Steve Harvey saw this coming a mile away. A clip dug up by Ari Meirov shows Harvey called this exact scenario when he was hosting an end-of-the-year NFL virtual show. Not because Harvey thought Rivers' love of the game would be too strong to stay away or anything like that. No, Harvey believed Rivers would come back because retiring from your full-time job when you have nine kids to look after will drive anyone back to employment. Harvey says he's speaking from experience as the father of seven.

Remarkable foresight from the legendary host there. It'll be a real Nostradamus moment should Rivers actually return.