Falcons' False Start Penalty Results in Someone Dropping a Big F-Bomb on Live TV

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Arthur Smith is in his third season as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. After two 7-10 seasons to start his tenure, the Falcons won their season opener and took an early lead against the Green Bay Packers in Week 2. Atlanta was about to go for it on 4th down at the Packers one-yard line when left guard Matthew Bergeron was called for a false start. After the five-yard penalty, the Falcons settled for a field goal and a 3-0 lead.

But we all know why we're here. If you're a fan of people swearing on television, this is the perfect clip for you. As the officials were discussing the call and FOX's camera was focused on Smith someone could be heard screaming "That's f-cking bullsh-t!"

Yup. Those were some good, high-quality swear words. And very clear for the microphones. If only we knew who this person was. A coach? A player? A fan? Really, it could be anyone rooting for the Falcons. Or maybe just someone with someone from the Falcons goal line offense on their fantasy team.

Whatever it was about this call that so upset someone the censors should know that they need to be on their toes for the rest of the game.