If the Fake Bob Costas Twitter Account Gets Us a 'BASEketball' Sequel, It Will All Have Been Worth It


Bob Costas is still very much not on Twitter and opting to pursue smarter things. As we all should if we weren't so helplessly addicted.

The venerable broadcaster joined The Rich Eisen Show yesterday to talk about the imposter who fooled a few people with a fake Costas account before being taken out at the knees by a caring son and a blog post. At one point he listed the things that would have to happen before joining Jack Dorsey's little funhouse. They include:

- Binge-watchThe Real Housewives of Orange County

- Hire Rudy Giuliani as his personal attorney

- Return to Sochi to revisit the pinkeye experience

- Star in a prequel to BASEketball

and finally,

- Make a special trip to the NFL Combine

Then something wonderful happened. When it was pointed out that, well actually, a prequel to BASEketball would really hit the spot, Costas thought about it for a split-second and concluded that maybe, just maybe, he'd be up for that if the Zuckers approached him with such a project. Including Al Michaels would only sweeten the pot.

If you've forgotten, the first movie ruled. And proved prescient with time. Dan Patrick, Tim McCarver, and Kenny Mayne all had cameos. Would all three of them agree to come back if Costas and Michaels were attached?

Also, Reel Big Fish was in it. It's long past time for the best ska band to ever do it to take a victory lap.

Now, look, clearly Costas was just saying the thing you say on a talk show and operating in a space far from seriousness. But it is also within my rights as someone with a CMS log-in to use the platform to usher great art into the world. So I don't feel bad at all for openly campaigning for more BASEketball content.

It'd be a triumphant return for David Zucker, whose only movies since were An American Carol in 2008 and Scary Movie V in 2013. He has 22 years of sports getting nothing if not more corporate to work with.

Again, let me ask without consequences: who says no here, except probably everyone.