Bob Costas' Son Says Someone Is Impersonating His Father On Twitter

Kyle Koster
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Sports media nerds were briefly excited late Tuesday night by the emergence of a Twitter account claiming to be operated by Bob Costas, who up until this point has been smart enough not to join the platform. This was thrilling because the man is a titan in the industry and the type of writer/commentator who can excel on any platform. I personally raced to see if he'd be interested in discussing his craft on a podcast, attempting to find content under a new rock. And late at night too! The life of a blogger never stops.

But all that glitters is not gold. It seems this dastardly account is a not-so-clever fake, even though it has the world real in the name, which shouldn't be legal.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn't a huge problem. Yet minute by minute, more sports and defunct late-night variety show fans are welcoming the account in question to the online marketplace of ideas. They're all expecting Costas gems, clever turns of phrases and insightful send-ups of our current situation. And while those may be coming from the underscored, it seems they won't be accurate representations of what Costas actually thinks.

Consider this post a public service. A reminder to be skeptical, even on the most mundane things.