Eurovision Winner Maneskin's Lead Singer Taking a Drug Test Because of Twitter Detectives

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Grand Final
Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Grand Final / Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Italian rock band Måneskin won the 2021 edition of Eurovision on Saturday. After the performance they were shown during the broadcast while in the green room. During a brief appearance lead singer Damiano David put his head down and Internet and Twitter detectives accused him of snorting something off a table. Now David will submit to a voluntary drug test when the band arrives home in Italy.

David already denied these allegations at Eurovision's postgame press conference when a member of the press wearing a sideways hat that simply said "BOY" asked him if he had snorted cocaine during the show. Damiano said that another member of the band broke some glass and he doesn't do drugs.

Another video from earlier in the night shows the broken glass and upon closer inspection, his hands don't seem to be anywhere near his face. So this is kind of like someone calling in a rules violation from home while watching a golf tournament, except with make believe drugs and spandex. David should be vindicated, though I'm not even sure if drugs are against the Eurovision rules.

Between this and the guy from Will Ferrell's Eurovision movie showing up to say "Play Jaja Ding Dong!" it was a pretty eventful event.

America really needs its own version of Eurovision. It could be the only way to truly heal.