If Eric Bieniemy Gets a Head Coaching Job, Has the Time Passed for a Green Day Parody Song?

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Eric Bieniemy is again one of the top NFL head coaching candidates after another successful season with the Kansas City Chiefs. In three seasons as the offensive coordinator under Andy Reid, with Patrick Mahomes as quarterback, Bieniemy has helped guide the Chiefs to the top offense by yardage twice and scoring once. The Chiefs have never finished worse than sixth in either category and they won Super Bowl LIV. That's certainly the resume of someone who deserves a shot at the big job.

My question is, has the time passed for a Green Day / Eric Bieniemy parody song? If so, well, that's just a shame. Green Day's "Know Your Enemy," is a song that could incorporate any version of "Know Bieniemy," "Coach Bieniemy" or "Eric Bieniemy" the way Billie Joe Armstrong sings it.

"Know Your Enemy," the first single off 21st Century Breakdown, the follow-up to American Idiot, was released as a single 12 years ago this coming April. Has it been too long or is it just long ago to be considered retro or throwback Thursday or flashback Friday at this point?

The real shame is that Bieniemy can't become coach of the Oakland Raiders or San Francisco 49ers. Green Day is from the Bay Area and opened a coffee company in Oakland in 2016. Imagine if Bieniemy had the Raiders job back when the team was still in Oakland? it would have been a perfect fit for Sunday Night Football to play the parody during a broadcast or the original as bumper music as they went to commercial. Instead, they have Jon Gruden in Vegas and weird shotgun weddings.

Again, I'm just worried the time has passed, which is a great shame because I can't hear Eric Bieniemy's name without thinking about how perfectly Coach Bieniemy fits in the chorus of "Know Your Enemy." Throw in the fact that Weird Al is from California and Andy Reid made a name for himself in Green Bay in the early 90's, this all just seems like it was destiny.