Engagement Ring Throw Worse Than 50 Cent

50 Cent first pitch.
50 Cent first pitch. / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

When the rapper 50 Cent shanked his opening throw with the Mets all those years back, the general consensus was that it was and would forever be the worst throw of all-time.

For six years, those people were right. No throw rivaled Fiddy in terms of total lack of accuracy, control, or skill. That is until the world got hold of the now-viral engagement-ring-thrown-overboard video, which I present to you now free of commentary, which will be reserved for after you're done watching the video.

When I first saw this, I thought it was staged because there's simply no way anyone could misthrow a ring box that badly in such a short distance. The person throwing the box can't be more than six feet away from his target and yet the throw, done underhand to limit mistake, is 4-5 feet over the proposer's outstretched arm. The other thing that made me feel like it was staged was how calm the impending fiancé was after seeing her ring hit the water -- and the reality that no one knows what happens when a ring box hits the water. When the camera pans over to her she's smiling, then puts her hands over her face in shock when she notices she's on camera. So yeah, I'm guessing this is a staged thing.

However, let us not forget there was also controversy over if Fiddy's throw as well. The lefty shanked it dead left directly at a camera person and nowhere near home plate. A lot of people thought that was fake too. Regardless, there's a big difference between trying to slot a baseball across the plate from 60 feet 6 inches than a ring box from 3 feet 6 inches. In terms of challenge, the baseball throw is much harder.

Whether we believe these ring exhibitionists or not, the throw will go down as the worst of the year and the man in the rolled-up white jeans will have to live the rest of his life knowing he blew a 28-3 lead when he airmailed his buddy's life savings overboard. Thankfully his second mate was quick to act and save the day, but that doesn't negate the worst throw since Curtis Jackson toed the rubber at Citi Field back in 2014.