Emmanuel Acho Goes Extra Mile to Prove Point to Richard Sherman on Twitter

Emmanuel Acho
Emmanuel Acho /

Emmanuel Acho logged onto Twitter this morning and threw out a take: Micah Parsons is a better defender than Nick Bosa. Alone, this is not the most controversial stance, but Acho garnered further attention by directing the take towards a NFL on CBS graphic that he accused of being misleading.

Accusing something of being misleading is a surefire way to get a reaction from those who think otherwise, especially when you're a talking head like Acho. Richard Sherman politely obliged and pulled out the big words to explain to Acho why he is wrong.

This led to a back-and-forth over the course of several tweets that Acho would take to the next level.

This is when Acho decided to stop responding directly to Sherman and instead began to retweet all of his pro-Niners clips from the last few months to prove he is not anti-Bosa but simply pro-Parsons.

Then Acho tweeted out a minutes-long film breakdown to further hammer home his point.

The man is dedicated if anything. I, personally, would like to see him apply the "facts not feelings" mantra to his Justin Herbert Is A Social Media Quarterback take but I won't hold my breath.