Eli Manning and Chris Simms Troll Each Other on Twitter

Eli Manning, Chris Simms
Eli Manning, Chris Simms / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Two sons of NFL quarterbacks, who turned into NFL quarterbacks themselves, and then turned into media members just like their dads, engaged in a feisty little exchange on Twitter today over their respective playing careers.

In the blue corner we have Eli Manning, son of Archie Manning and unquestionably the best quarterback in Giants history, sifting through some old magazines he's saved and realizing another son of a famous quarterback also played the position in the same era.

In the red corner we have Chris Simms, son of Phil Simms and a former NFL quarterback himself, seeing the attempted troll job by Manning and firing back in defense of his father's illustrious career with the G-Men.

Amazing trolls by both, though I give Manning the win here. Something about a prop always brings it home.

Now an analyst on NBC, Chris Simms has made a bigger impact in the media than he did in the NFL. No shame in that. If anything he should be lauded. He's parlayed being a top recruit coming out of high school into an up-and-down career at Texas into five seasons in the NFL into a great gig with ProFootballTalk where he's lambasted for his quarterback rankings, even though they've historically been accurate.

His father Phil is, of course, a long-time CBS analyst and one of the best quarterbacks in Giants history, having led them to the 1986 Super Bowl and being on the 1990 team that also won it all, though an injury knocked him out earlier that season. Hence the second-best quarterback joke, though I think Y. A. Tittle might have something to say about it too.

Manning, who set every Giants franchise passing record and led them to two Super Bowls, recently joined the media world too when he announced he was starring in a new ESPN+ series focused on the history of college football. His father Archie is a Saints legend and a long-time local radio and television broadcast analyst for Saints games.

Anyway, just thought I would remind you that sons of former quarterbacks turned into media members can pan out to be quarterbacks turned media members themselves. The dream is not dead.