Young Eagles Fan Leaves Bills Fan Hanging, Gives Him the Finger While Adults Laugh and Film


The Buffalo Bills traveled to Pennsylvania over the weekend to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Bills escaped with the most dominant moral victory on record while the Eagles had to settle for their league-best 10th win of the season. While watching the home team win would be enough for most fan bases, in Philly the game is really just an excuse to get a reaction from out-of-towners.

During the game you had fans behind the Bills bench being so loud and (presumably!) abusive that actual players confronted them and one player actually appeared to put hands on a fan. Then there's this young fan who appeared to offer an innocent Bills fan a high five only to pull his hand away at the last moment and replace it with a middle finger.

That is clearly not a move he was trying out for the first time. It was way too smooth. Who knows how many opposing fans thought they were getting a good luck dap from a sprite in a Jalen Hurts jersey only to get a Philly how do ya do instead.

Probably the most disturbing part of the video is the number of adults cackling at this kid. You would hope it's a Bills fan the kid knows, because doing this to a complete stranger at a football game while grownups laugh and encourage it seems like a recipe for a fight video. Not that a Bills fan would ever fight a child on purpose, but these people jump through tables for fun so there is a good chance if you see one at an NFL game there's a good chance you're dealing with another agent of chaos in this video, is all I'm saying.