Tony Romo Calls Jim Nantz Sexy During Eagles-Bills Broadcast


The marquee game of Sunday's uninspiring NFL slate was the 4:25 p.m. ET matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills. CBS had the game and, naturally, sent its A-team out to Philly. Jim Nantz and Tony Romo presided over a fairly slow first quarter; the primary "highlight" was Bills running back James Cook dropping an incredibly wide-open touchdown pass.

That may be the vibe considering both squads haven't exactly looked their best in recent weeks. The Bills beat up on the hapless Jets after firing their offensive coordinator and the Eagles won a gross slugfest in Kansas City in the sort of game that really didn't have a winner as much as it just had a loser. All that is to say, this game between two Super Bowl contenders may not feature the sort of quality football we're used to seeing when teams of this caliber match up. But Nantz and Romo are always ready to keep things interesting. Even if it's in a bit of a weird way.

So, on that note, here's Romo telling Nantz he's sexy.

Getting hot up there in the booth, eh?

Romo's sheen may have faded a bit but his chemistry with Nantz remains pristine. As long as they have that, the broadcast has a high floor with a greater propensity for moments like this than any of their peers.