Jason Kelce Accuses Jordan Phillips of Trying to Injure Eagles Player on Brotherly Shove


There's been much discussion about Sunday's heavyweight fight between the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills. Most of the talk has been about the questionable officiating and Sean McDermott's decision-making. During a radio interview on Wednesday, Jason Kelce stoked the fire further by calling out a Buffalo Bill for playing dirty and trying to hurt his Eagles teammate.

At one point during the game the Eagles lined up for their signature QB sneak known as the Brotherly Shove or Tush Push, depending on what circles you run in. Before they could get the snap off, Bills DT Jordan Phillips blew up Eagles guard Cam Jurgens. Phillips was obviously flagged for offsides on the play and gave Philly the first down they were looking for but Kelce thinks there should be more discipline because, in his view, Phillips did that on purpose.

You can see both sides here. Bills fans who read the situation most favorably would say Phillips was trying to time the snap in order to stop maybe the most unstoppable single play in all of football right now. It didn't work but he is extremely large and had a lot of momentum and so he bowled over Jurgens. Eagles fans, on the other hand, would contend that Phillips hit Jurgens way harder than he needed to once he realized he was offside and unnecessarily finished the play.

You can judge for yourself by watching the video below; the play Kelce is mad about is the second you'll see. As you will quickly find out it's also a video showing all of Phillips' alleged dirty plays throughout the game, which is a reflection of how Eagles fans feel about Phillips this week.

It's tough to prove that Phillips did that on purpose due to the aforementioned combination of size and momentum. But the NFL fines players for way lesser offenses so Kelce will probably get his wish, even if he'll have a hard time convincing anybody who doesn't listen to WIP that it was a dirty play.