Draymond Green, Kevin Durant Agree That Bob Meyers and Steve Kerr Ruined Warriors Dynasty

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green
Kevin Durant and Draymond Green /

Draymond Green continued to build up his media resume today when Bleacher Report released a sitdown interview between himself and Kevin Durant. During the interview, the former teammates discussed the historical argument that occurred between them during a Warriors-Clippers game in 2018.

Much was made of their spat in the moment and somehow has received even more coverage in the years since Durant decided to leave Golden State for the Brooklyn Nets. Many believe it to be the turning point, the first domino to fall in the sequence of events that led to KD's departure.

As it turns out, it wasn't the argument that rubbed Durant the wrong way and eventually caused him to leave. It was how the argument was handled by the Warriors' higher-ups, specifically Bob Meyers and Steve Kerr. From the men themselves:

As we are all aware, Durant is a mercurial superstar on par with few others of this generation and there could have been a thousand other little things that would have led to the same result regardless of how the argument between him and Green was handled. But when put on the spot, both players blamed the front office for making it weird and Durant is now on record that it was a driving force in his final decision.

Can't imagine the Golden State people are going to be happy about this. Durant is gone and there's nothing they can do about that, but Green is still very much employed by the same organization he did not hesitate to blame in the above segment. That first training camp will be fun for everyone.

It is more fun for everyone that Durant decided to break up the most dominant superteam of the last decade. But if the Warriors had let them hash it out instead of trying to intervene, things may have unfolded differently. Meyers and Kerr will be kicking themselves forever as a result.