Jordan Poole Ignored Draymond Green Questions From Reporters

Poole does not want to talk about Draymond Green.

Golden State Warriors v Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors v Detroit Pistons / Rick Osentoski/GettyImages

Jordan Poole met with the media on Sunday in Washington a few days after his trade from the Golden State Warriors to the Wizards became official. The 24-year-old answered questions on a number of topics from the assembled reporters but refused to even acknowledge any questions related to his relationship with Draymond Green.

Here is Poole's reaction when a reporter asked if he has heard from Green:

And here he is deflecting when asked if the incident where Green punched him in the face impacted the end of his time with the Warriors:

That answer is actually a really good deflection from Poole. NBA veteran move there. But if you see the way he answered other questions about his former teammates, it's abundantly clear he and Green have not made peace.

Poole said he had a really good relationship with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and could text them any time, then joked about having a leg up on them when they face each other because he knows their plays:

There is very clearly a lot of animosity between Poole and Green. Most recently we saw that pop up in March, when Green got angry at Poole on the court and just stopped playing. It was clearly a toxic situation and the Warriors had to get rid of one of them.

Poole joins the Wizards after averaging career-highs in points (20.4) and assists (4.5) per game last season. He and Kyle Kuzma should form a high-scoring duo. We'll see if anyone else can pop to help them out.