Draymond Green: 'I Played Like Sh-t' in Game 1

Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Draymond Green is approaching a decade and a half of doing a number on my brain as a sports fan because one never knows if he's going to do something absolutely awesome or something that completely exasperates and angers. Which is to say he's an incredible athlete/podcaster/man about town. He offered his thoughts on Golden State's disappointing Game 1 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on his show for The Volume and succeeded at making honest content.

First he said he had no issue with Jordan Poole's desperate three at the end of regulation because Poole can "shoot the piss out of the ball," which is both quite vivid and the correct take.

Then he turned the microscope on himself with a devastating assessment of a performance that left something to be desired, saying, "I played like shit. I am disgusted with myself right now."

Green said he can't continue to get in foul trouble and needs to play smarter.

No one denies this yet it's refreshing to hear an NBA player say as much. He didn't make excuses or pin the blame on officials or any other kneejerk reaction that's become far too common. He's going to make millions of dollars talking about the game for years after he's done playing and he's developing some solid habits while he's still chasing titles.