In Defense of Jordan Poole's Missed Three-Pointer at the End of Game 1

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors - Game One
Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors - Game One / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Jordan Poole missed a long three-pointer that would have tied the game late in the fourth quarter of the Golden State Warriors' Game 1 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. Poole took a 28-footer with 10 seconds remaining in the game and immediately got roasted for it on Twitter - mostly with pictures and GIFs of Carlton Banks.

First of all, Carlton did so many other things in his life. Basketball fans really need to give him a break. And the same goes for Poole. As soon as the ball left his hands last night, everyone seemed to agree he should not have taken the shot in the first place. Reacting live on a Twitter stream, Taylor Rooks and Channing Frye hated the shot while Tyrese Haliburton commiserated.

The look on Frye and Rooks' faces as the ball left Poole's hands was hilarious. And considering the result, they were not entirely wrong. On the TNT postgame show, Shaq, Charles and Kenny also agreed that they did not like the shot.

Here''s the thing... the Warriors wouldn't have been in the game if Poole hadn't been taking that shot all night. Poole was 6-for-10 from three before that shot. He had made three shots that were recorded as 28-footers. He shot better than Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson from three in this game. And his coach had no problem with it.

Look, I'm not here to defend Jordan Poole's entire career or his massive contract extension, but this is 100 percent a shot you should expect him to take. The Warriors certainly did. That's why they gave him $128 million.

Besides, look at where Stephen Curry is when Poole takes the shot. Curry is at halfcourt with Austin Reaves attached to his jersey. Curry gave it up and Draymond immediately swung the ball. Poole took a wide-open shot and one more dribble just would have given Jarred Vanderbilt more time to contest the shot. And if he hadn't taken the shot people would be asking why he passed up an open look!

Anyway, the Warriors made 21-of-53 three-pointers (Poole was 6-of-11!) and lost. There were clearly more issues than this one shot.