Draymond Green Doesn't Think Slapping Someone in the Face is a Flagrant Foul

Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies - Game One
Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies - Game One / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Draymond Green held an emergency podcast on Sunday following his ejection from Game 1 of the Golden State Warriors - Memphis Grizzlies series. Green gave the world his side of the story, repeatedly saying he was surprised that not only was he ejected, but that it was a flagrant foul at all considering it was the playoffs.

The best part is his description of holding Clarke's jersey. As transcribed by NBC Sports:

You know, one thing about the foul is, I actually tried to hold [Brandon Clarke] up and well, I wasn't told anything because I left the court, but guys were told I was ejected for throwing him down, which is very interesting because even when he hit the ground, I still was holding his jersey up.

What Green ignores here is why Clarke needed to be held up. It's because he was jumping and Green grabbed his jersey and yanked him back to the floor.

At full speed it is a pretty violent shot to the face before the jersey grab, which itself should have earned him a flagrant based on how the league has tried to get rid of any contact to the head. Then the grabbing of the jersey is as unnatural a basketball play as you can imagine. Is it a reputation call? Maybe, but Draymond has earned his reputation for doing unnatural things on a basketball court and then arguing that he simply cannot control his body. It's just too bad he never held an emergency podcast to explain any of those plays.