Devin Booker Calls Out Patrick Beverley for Being a Coward

Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Patrick Beverley always finds himself in the situation where everyone thinks he's the bad guy for some reason. If we were to attempt to identify a trend, early returns suggest it's his whole habit of taking gratuitous cheap shots at superstar players while their backs are turned to him. It happened again last night as the Los Angeles Lakers lost their sixth road game in six tries this season, falling to the Phoenix Suns.

After Devin Booker followed through on a block attempt and hit Austin Reaves in the face, DeAndre Ayton moseyed on over and stood over the fallen Laker. Beverley, seizing on the opportunity to drive though another defenseless colleague, worked up a head of steam and shoved the Suns big man to the floor, igniting a larger scuffle.

Beverley was ejected. Booker was assessed a flagrant foul. Ayton was dinged with a technical for taunting. All of this proving that the officials were handling it before someone decided to go full vigilante mode.

After the game, Booker found a diplomatic way to say that Beverley needs to cut the shit. Because he does! There's absolutely no place for this. In his mind he's a tough guy and these overreactions prove he's being a good teammate. In reality, they prove he's just not capable of controlling himself in situations where every other player in the league controls themselves.

Charles Barkley shared his thoughts on Inside the NBA, suggesting Beverley is cruising for a bruising.

So what's it going to take for some reformed behavior here, short of a significant suspension?