Doris Burke Tested Positive For Coronavirus, Is Already Recovering

Doris Burke working a game this season for ESPN.
Doris Burke working a game this season for ESPN. / Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Doris Burke tested positive for COVID-19. The ESPN NBA analyist revealed the news on Adrian Wojnarowski's latest podcast. According to Burke, she first felt a symptom on March 11th, the day she worked the Denver Nuggets - Dallas Mavericks game. The same one where Mark Cuban was sitting courtside when he learned the season had been suspended.

Burke said she felt tired during the day, but worked the game. Thursday, as everything started to unfold around the sports world, she had a headache and decided to change her schedule because she thought she needed rest. She had been scheduled to work games on Sunday and Monday. By Saturday she could barely get out of bed. On St. Patrick's Day she got tested. The test was supposed to take three to five days, but took eight. By the time the results came back, her symptoms had already begun to fade.

With her daughter and daughter's husband in the house, she basically remained in her bedroom for the last two weeks. She thanked the medical professionals at the Philadelphia area hospital where she went to get tested and encouraged people to listen to professionals and stay home.

"It's important to social distance and to continue to function with all good practices and hand washing, wiping down surfaces, whatever your trusted medical professionals are telling you, please, please follow."

Burke was lucky to recover and it sounds like the worst part for her was the horror of thinking she might have spread the virus to anyone else. She also wants to donate blood or plasma so that doctors can develop a vaccine.