VIDEO: NBA Games Delayed and Postponed as Teams Learned the Season Was Suspended During Live Games


The NBA season was suspended indefinitely on Wednesday night after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for Coronavirus. The news came down right before the Jazz were about to tip off a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the game was postponed. Moments earlier, Chris Paul went over to the Jazz bench to ask about Gobert and was told to get away.

After the game, players from both teams were quarantined. The fallout is happening all around the league as teams try to complete games. In Sacramento, they are dealing with the fact that one of the officials worked a Jazz game on Monday.

Update: The Kings - Pelicans game was also postponed.

Meanwhile, on ESPN, Mark Cuban was courtisde for the Mavericks game against the Denver Nuggets. Cuban was shown finding out the news on his phone and did an interview with Tom Rinaldi during the fourth quarter. Cuban mentioned the hourly workers who would be affected and said that they would put together a program for them.