Donald Trump: Most People Have Plenty of Water Because Beautiful Rain Comes Right From Heaven


Donald Trump was interviewed by Larry Kudlow on Fox Business. The interview touched on many business things, but both Kudlow and Trump were especially passionate about Joe Biden's supposed war against comfort appliances. This gave Trump a chance to explain how there is plenty of water for everyone because it comes straight from heaven.

"So you remember when we were having a discussion about it. They sell, if you buy a new house, you have water that doesn't even come out. Even if you're in areas - most of the country has plenty of water, called rain from heaven. You know it comes right from heaven. Beautiful rain you don't know what to do with. Some places have so much you don't know what to do with."

The timing of these comments could end up turning awkward as California braces for heavy rainfall when Hurricane Hilary hits this weekend. Either way, Trump's main concern during the interview was how the appliances don't get any water, even though there's plenty.

Water pressure for great hair has long been a concern of Trump's, going back to his time in the White House.

What a time.