Donald Trump Complains About Lack of Air Conditioning During New Hampshire Speech


Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail and remains the GOP front-runner for the 2024 election despite facing indictments in multiple cases. On Tuesday he was in New Hampshire giving a speech and apparently the room was really hot. And I don't mean people were fired up, I mean the temperature was borderline unbearable. That led to Trump complaining about the air conditioning in the building.

Watch both videos below:

Trump was in Windham, New Hampshire, where the weather is in the 80s with humidity in the high 60s or 70s. Combine those temperatures with a room full of people and some broadcast TV lights and I'm sure it was getting pretty toasty.

I would love to find out who was responsible for climate control in that room and if the facility was actually capable of turning on the air conditioning or if it was out.

Regardless, Donald Trump is back and wetter than ever.