Donald Trump Joked About Tim Scott Finally Getting Engaged: 'What's Going On?'

Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

Tim Scott Scott (R-SC) is engaged after 58 years of good, old-fashioned bacheloring and who better to mark the moment than former President Donald Trump, who found some beautiful words to celebrate the momentus occasion while campaigning in New Hampshire last night.

“Everybody knows him and today was a big story — the biggest story out there. He’s engaged to be married,” Trump proclaimed before welcoming Scott to the podium. “We never thought this was going to happen, what’s going on?”

Scott announced late Sunday night that he and Mindy Noce had future plans to tie the knot. Like a kid returning from camp, he'd kept the identity of his girlfriend under lock and key for the early part of his own presidential run. But they're going to be getting married now as you heard Trump riff, so things were progressing very normally outside of the public's eye.

Scott is now backing Trump so we know all that goes with it. The least of which is having him deliver some rather straightforward news with a line reading no one would have ever expected. You can tell him to simply go out there and say hey, my buddy Tim is engaged now isn't that great but deep down that's futile because it has no zest or zip and he's a committed showman.