Donald Trump Wouldn't Have Brought in "Nervous" Trump Supporter Ryan Madson


Dave Roberts lifted starter Rich Hill after 6 1/3 innings of stellar work. At the time, the Los Angeles Dodgers had a 4-0 lead. Ryan Madson promptly surrendered a three-run homer to Mitch Moreland after entering the game. The decision helped set in course a series of events that led to a 9-6 Boston Red Sox victory.

President Donald Trump, who was watching the game, would have done things differently.

It’s not entirely surprising to me that the president is one of those “why can’t the starters pitch the whole nine” guys. He’s also far from the only person who had this feeling as the comeback unfolded.

This is a very tough break for Madson, who supports Trump.

While many in the game would rather avoid talking about the possible impact of a Trump presidency – MLB, the players association and even outspoken A’s reliever Sean Doolittle declined to comment – Madson has read up on the candidate and is happy to share his thoughts.

“I don’t think he’s worried about any Cuban players or any Mexican players,’’ Madson said of Trump. “Like he’s said, he has many Mexican Americans working for him, high up in his company.’’

Madson, who hails from Southern California, believes the idea behind the wall is to keep away terrorists – not necessarily from Mexico – who might try to infiltrate the U.S. through its southern border.

“I think the media has spun it in a way to make him look like he’s anti-immigrant, so I think it’s more their fault and how they’ve made him look than what he’s trying to do,’’ Madson said. “I don’t think he’s doing it in a way to be a Zionist. He’s not trying to seal us off from the world. He’s trying to just slow down or stop as much as he can what’s been happening here in America with the terrorists.’’

Has to be rough knowing that you helped blow the game and have your preferred political candidate paint you as some sort of nervous wreck to his 55.4 million followers.