Donald Trump Claims Steel Workers Cry Whenever They See Him

Donald Trump
Donald Trump /

On Sunday morning Maria Bartiromo had an interview with Donald Trump as part of her Sunday Morning Futures series with Fox News. It feels like the natural response to Nikki Haley appearing on Saturday Night Live as the former president attempted to steal back the spotlight and the headlines.

One of the ways Trump tried to do so was by discussing the steel industry and all the good he did for them when he was in office. He stated he did so much good that nowadays, whenever someone from the industry sees him, they break down in tears. And then hug him.

This appears to be Trump's attempt at reminding everybody that he is still beloved by blue-collar workers in the country despite engaging in a very public beef with the president of the United Auto Workers. The UAW backed Joe Biden a few weeks ago, leading to Trump taking shots at the union president, who fired back in his own way. Trump even talked about it in this very interview, calling them a "hopeless case" for backing the sitting president.

Is Donald Trump indeed so inspiring that steel workers sob when their eyes set upon him? We have not seen it happen, but that is what he'd like us to believe.